Professor Sir Peter Gluckman’s Report On Methamphetamine Contamination In Residential Properties

You will be aware now that Professor Sir Peter Gluckman has issued a report on Methamphetamine Contamination in residential properties. If you haven’t seen it please click here.

This report was commissioned by the housing minister Phil Twyford. The result of this report is that now a large quantity of houses can be deemed habitable and release back into the housing stock, helping with the housing shortage the Government faces. The convenience and timing of this report makes it hard not to consider the possibility of political motivation.

In Summary:

– The current guideline NZS8510:2017 is still set at 1.5µg per 100/cm2. Only HNZ have changed their level to 15µg per 100/cm2

– NZS8510:2017 is voluntary and used as a guideline only. So it is up to each individual to decide what actions they take.

– Gluckman has said ‘there is absolutely no evidence in the medical literature of anyone being harmed from passive use, at any level. We can’t find one case.’ This statement is correct, (as far as we are aware) however there is no evidence that it isn’t harmful either. The lack of research shouldn’t give you a conclusion to where you could be leaving people especially children at risk to ones health.

– Gluckman’s comments on not testing unless it is a lab or from excessive smoking will leave many properties un-tested and a potential risk. We can give real life examples to how his theory could potentially leave people at risk.

– The current guidelines have been based on the research available at the time and it was decided that the Colorado standard (based on American scientific research) of 1.5ug/100cm2 would be adopted. At the time that was the highest standard internationally. It remains the highest standard internationally

–  Question for Gluckman: If it is not harmful, why have you set a level of 15µg per 100cm2? What research is this based on?


So what now ?

It is absolutely business as usual in the Private Sector – Until all due process has been completed, including appropriate scrutiny of any political angles in this process combined with the opportunity for submissions, any deviation from the processes detailed in current standard (NZS8510:2017) would be naïve.

Until the NZS8510:2017 has been revised we will continue to provide our clients with pragmatic and objective advice, ensuring that we are servicing our clients to the highest standards, with theirs, and their families safety our highest priority.